N1IK Year of CW / by Brian Lambert

I've decided that 2016 is going to be the N1IK Year of CW!

I learned Morse code about 12 years ago and, over time, I've gotten pretty good at it. Good enough that I can search & pounce in a CW contest and make Q's,  especially contests with a fixed exchange.

I can't run, though.

Operators who are really good at CW can run. They can call CQ on a frequency, pick calls out of the resulting pileup, and work stations one after another. I am not good enough to do this and it really limits my scope in the hobby. In particular, it means that I'd be of little use on most DX-peditions and I can't go to K1TTT's to operate in the big CW contests - which are things I want to do.

Here's an example of an operator who's just about the best there is:

N6MJ making it look easy.

I'll be starting tonight with the arrival of my K3S (more on this new addition to the shack later).

73 de N1IK