Brian Lambert


Software engineer with over 30 years of experience developing a wide range of commercial and corporate software applications.


June 2013 - Present
Educate Online
Danvers, MA

Principal Software Engineer

  • Development of numerous core features of the Educate Online platform.
    • Instructor Dashboard.
    • Student Dashboard.
    • Calendaring.
    • Scheduling.
    • Portions of the Active Admin interface used to manage the system.
  • Languages & Tools: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, Handlebars, JSON, various and sundry GEMs such as Active Admin and Formtastic, Ember.js, Bootstrap.js, TextMate, Sublime Text, MAC OS X, Linux.

Dec 2011 - June 2013
Directr Inc.
Boston, MA


  • Sole UI developer of the V1 Directr iOS application, a movie making application for the iPhone.
  • Languages & Tools: Interface Builder, hand-coded views and view controllers, Objective-C, C, C++, Xcode, App Store, TestFlight, JSON.

Microsoft Corporation
Cambridge, MA and Redmond, WA

Principal Software Development Engineer (65)
CSA Concept Development Group
Windows Azure Development Team

  • Staff engineer on the Windows Azure team. Involved with the design and development of various internal tools that are used to provide fault-tolerance and scale-out of Azure applications.
  • Sole back-end developer of, a joint venture of Microsoft and Facebook to provide functionality similar to Google Docs to Facebook users.
  • Various CSA Concept Development projects for Ray Ozzie.
  • Languages & Tools: C#, C++, C, Windows Azure Toolkit.

nextype development
Boston, MA

Co-founder of nextype development, a software development consultancy specializing in Windows .NET development.


  • Sole developer of the Windows version of the Bondi Reader, a digital magazine reader for Bondi Digital and their Cover to Cover series of digital magazines. (New York Times Article.) ( Product Page Playboy) ( Product Page Rolling Stone)
  • Developed the Sterling Management System, a custom studio management program for Sterling Sound, one of the largest Music Mastering Studios in the world.
  • Sole UI developer of BlueNote Networks SessionSuite Desktop VoIP Softphone.
  • Sole developer of the Windows version of The Complete New Yorker.

Onfolio, Inc.
Cambridge, MA

Co-founder/Consulting Software Engineer
User Interface Development Lead

  • Designed and implemented a custom lightweight (windowless) control system in C# and Windows Forms that served as the foundation of the Onfolio user interface.
  • Designed and implemented numerous custom lightweight and heavyweight controls used in the development of the Onfolio user interface. Examples include:
    • Workspace control that provides a multi-pane workspace with horizontal and vertical splitters.
    • Tab control that provides for adaptive layout and display of tab images and text based on the size of the control.
    • Toolbar control that includes the ability to display bitmap buttons, labels, separators, drop-down menus as well as windows controls.
    • Bitmap button control that provides several layout options.
  • Designed and implemented a custom command system including centralized command management.Designed and implemented the Onfolio Collection Explorer control. Collection Explorer is the primary interface of the Onfolio product and is how users interact with and manage their captured content.
  • Designed and implemented the Onfolio product activation system, including the activation key scheme, all product activation user-interface components, the Onfolio License Manager, and the reference implementation of the Onfolio Activation server.

ChoiceStream, Inc.
Cambridge, MA

Consulting Software Engineer

  • Responsible for the development of large portions of the MyBestBets website. This site was developed as a showplace for the ChoiceStream personalization system and supplied television and movie recommendations to registered users. This project included extensive use of Java, JSP, JDBC, XML, XSLT, HTLM and JavaScript.
  • Designed, developed, tested and deployed an enterprise-class email generation and delivery system that sent nightly and weekly television and movie recommendations to registered users. This project was written as a multi-threaded server application in Java and made use of XML, XSLT, HTML, MIME and SMTP.

nearFX Corporation
North Andover, MA


  • Founded nearFX Corporation, a software start-up company, with Paul DiCristina.
  • Developed a prototype of a new personal productivity software application for the Microsoft .NET platform in C# and Windows Forms.
  • Unable to raise Venture Capital in the wake of the dot com failures. Closed company in September 2001.

Glassbook, Inc.
Waltham, MA

Co-founder/Chief Technology Officer

  • Joined company when it was pre-funded as consultant to develop a prototype e-book system. Became CTO when company received first round of financing.
  • Responsible for the overall architecture of the Glassbook Reader and contributed to the architecture of the Glassbook Content Server.
  • Designed and developed most of the Glassbook Reader, an e-book reading system for Microsoft Windows. This work was done in Java/AWT and later in C++/MFC.
  • Glassbook was acquired by Adobe Systems in 2000.

Groove Networks
Beverly, MA

Co-founder/Consulting Software Engineer

  • First full-time employee of Ray Ozzie's new company, Rhythmix Corporation.
  • Responsible for the design, development and testing of high-performance spin-lock, semaphore, read-write semaphore and event synchronization objects in C++.
  • Designed and developed an XML parser written as a COM object in C++.
  • Designed and developed a custom P2P application-layer protocol implemented on top of WinSock in C++.
  • Left Groove Networks in 1998 to begin my own software consulting business.

SilverStream Software
Burlington, MA

Co-founder/Consulting Software Engineer

  • Joined SilverStream Software as the third employee.
  • Designed and implemented TView, one of the principal user interface components in the SilverStream product. TView was an extremely flexible tabular information-viewing component written entirely in Java and AWT.
  • Designed and built the complete mail sub-system used to mail-enable the SilverStream product.
  • Developed a set of Java classes for building, parsing, and containing MIME/RFC822 mail messages, as well as an SMTP client for submitting mail messages and a POP3 client for retrieving mail messages.
  • Designed and implemented the initial version of the SilverStream Form component in Java.

Iris Associates
Westford, MA

Consulting Software Engineer

  • Joined Iris Associates as the 12th employee. Played a key role in the development of Lotus Notes Release 3 and Release 4.
  • Lead engineer on the View sub-program for Release 3 and Release 4.
  • Completely re-wrote the View sub-program (80K lines of C++). The re-write moved View from structured C to Object Oriented C++, allowing it to be extended in significant ways in Release 3 and Release 4.
  • One of two engineers responsible for the Lotus Notes Mail Router.
  • Enhanced and maintained the Mailer sub-system (Mailer is the client-side of the Lotus Notes email system).
  • Founding member of the VIM (Vendor Independent Messaging) Technical Committee. Played a key role in the design of the VIM API Specification. Implemented VIM in Notes Release 3.
  • Designed and implemented an SMTP Receiver that was integrated into the Mail Router sub-system, allowing Lotus Notes to act as a SMPT receiver.
  • Designed and implemented a POP3 Client that was integrated into the Lotus Notes Client.
  • Designed and implemented an RFC822/MIME parser and content containment subsystem.
  • Designed and implemented an NNTP Usenet News gateway. A group at Iris later turned this work into an Notes Server add-in product offering.

Lotus Development Corporation
Cambridge, MA

Senior Software Engineer

  • Re-designed and re-implemented the Woodchuck Server, the proprietary e-mail system used at Lotus prior to Lotus Notes. This work was done in C.
  • Developed a completely custom, commercial-quality e-mail system based on the VAX/VMS Mail system that was the corporate e-mail system at Lotus for a number of years before Lotus Notes became the standard. This work was done in C.
  • Founding member of the Lotus Notes API Development Group.
  • Developed Lotus Notes API programs that were critical to the deployment and popularization of Lotus Notes within the company. This work primarily involved linking Lotus Notes to legacy-systems within the company. This work was done in various languages.

Digital Equipment Corporation
Maynard, MA

Senior Programmer

  • Member of the Internal Software Services (ISS) group at Digital. ISS was a consulting organization within Digital which did work on a contract basis for other groups in the company.
  • Designed and built a kiosk program to demonstrate the graphics capabilities of the VT240 terminal. This program was written in FORTRAN and used a DECTalk to voice a sales pitch on the capabilities of the VT240. This product was used at trade shows.
  • Enhanced and maintained numerous MIS systems on DEC-10, DEC-20, PDP-11 and VAX/VMS systems in Cobol-68, FORTRAN, Pascal, VAX Basic, Basic+ and VAX/VMS Assembler. Projects included work on MRP, AP, AR and GL systems.


  • Digital photography.
  • Linux and GTK+ development.
  • Amateur Radio. Extra Class Amateur Radio licensee. Call sign N1IK.